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Dr. Simona Cuevas, DDS
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About The Doctor


Dr. Simona Cuevas received her Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) from the University of Texas, San Antonio in 1995, where, post graduation, she also served on the faculty in the Esthetic Restorative department for several years.
She is a member of numerous dental associations and has served as a contributing editor for the Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry, writing many articles. Dr. Cuevas has published numerous professional articles on direct and indirect bonding techniques.
Dr. Cuevas has become known for being at the forefront of implementing new techniques and materials into the restorative esthetic dental space.
She has lectured nationally and internationally on esthetic dentistry and is an active consultant for several dental manufacturers in the area of new product development and refinement.

Dr. Cuevas believes that adhesive dentistry (although having received an upsurge in recent years) will become the largest part of a modern dentist's practice, and that the proper use and application of the old improved and newly developed materials is one of the most important tasks dentists need to accomplish in their careers.
Her passion for restoring natural beauty without the obviousness of the addition of or full replacement with man-made materials onto or next to natural tooth structure is evident in her work.
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Dr. Cuevas is the founder and CEO of The Institute of Esthetic Dentistry. She maintains a private practice in San Antonio, Texas, emphasizing esthetic and restorative dentistry.
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